Good Morning Parents and Guardians,

This update contains information regarding:

1. Klein Online (KOL) Attestation Form

2. Changing Modes of Instruction

3.  Dec. 4, 2020, Teacher Planning Day

1. Klein Online Attestation Form

The district has created more specific expectations for students accessing Klein Online.  TEP will begin strictly enforcing these new expectations on Monday, 11/16/2020. Our teachers have been discussing specific concerns with your students over the last week in hopes of avoiding any consequences. Please reach out to your student’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

2. Changing Modes of Instruction

Mode of Instruction Selections for the second nine weeks were due Oct. 28, 2020. Please review Skyward if you are unsure of what selection you made. Any changes to these selections will need to be approved by me. Please be sure to communicate with me prior to contacting a home campus to request a change in modes of instruction. Any student identified as a KOC learner via Skyward will NOT be allowed to join zoom on days they’re not present on campus. They may complete the work asynchronously to earn a grade, but they will still be marked absent.

3. Dec. 4, 2020 Teacher Planning Day

The district has developed a plan to give our amazing teachers additional planning time throughout the year so they may better meet the needs of your students through Klein On-Campus and Klein Online learning. This day is designed for students to stay home and work asynchronously while teachers meet all day to continue planning for future lessons. For those students with a device, they will access Schoology and complete their assignments. For those without a device, paper packets will be handed out the day before and returned the following Monday. In the event you’re unable to make other arrangements, your student may come to school. However, the day will not look like a traditional school day. Rather, they will work independently on their assignments with support staff providing supervision. To determine the number of staff needed an RSVP is needed to verify you have been unable to secure other arrangements. You may click this link to RSVP for on campus supervision. All RSVPs are due by November 20, 2020.

As always, please contact me if you have questions or would like any additional information.

Thank you,
Jordan Musselman

Klein Therapeutic Education Program Director

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