Today both students and guardians will receive an email detailing any amount still owed on your student(s) school account.

Friday our campus activities begin.  We will have field days, class celebrations, and 8th grade dance, and yearbook signings.

Please note that your student will not be able to participate in these events if there is still a balance on their school account.

If you have an 8th grader, this is particularly important. 

Your student will not be able to purchase event tickets at Klein Forrest for items like dances if their account is not paid in full.  It can also affect their ability to walk at graduation. 

Note also that all laptop deceives will be collected this year.  Students will not be issued a new laptop next year their fees are not addressed.  Many High School classes also require fees.  If their account is not cleared, participation in those classes can also be restricted or dropped.

Tomorrow is our “Collection Day” at Klein Intermediate.  We encourage all students and guardians to take a moment and clear their accounts so that they can participate in all the fun we have ahead.  We also want them to “cross the street” to Klein Forrest free of any fees that may keep them from fully participating in the high school experience they deserve.

You may address any fees or other charges you have on school-cash-online. You may also visit the school financial office tomorrow and pay by cash or charge.  No checks will be accepted.

We appreciate your help and look forward to a fun week ahead, and an exciting year of exploration and discover to look forward to at Klein Forrest. 

Thank you.

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