Taking the Advanced Placement exam is an important part of all AP courses.   Klein High School encourages all students enrolled in AP classes to take each of the AP exams.  By taking an AP exam, students demonstrate masters of rigorous college-level material, thus strengthening their college application.  Scoring well on an AP exam can often earn students college credit for their high school class, saving a significant amount on college tuition.

Registration of AP exams for full year and semester one courses must be completed no later than November 4, 2022.  This includes either full payment or a $40 deposit for each exam.  Registration of AP exams for semester two courses must be completed no later than February 28, 2023.  In order to complete AP Exam Registration, each student must complete both parts listed below: 

Part 1 – AP Classroom 

  • EVERY student enrolled in an AP class must join AP classroom through https://myap.collegeboard.org
    • Students will receive a course code for each AP course from their teacher.  Course codes are unique for each class. 
    • If you are registering for the first time, use your legal name and an email that you access frequently and can access after graduation. Utilizing your Klein ISD email is not recommended.
    • If you already have an account, do not create another account with the College Board. If needed, use the “forgot username/password” feature for assistance. 
    • For further assistance, please contact AP Student Services at (888)225-5427.
  • EVERY student must indicate either YES or NO as to whether they are taking the exam in their College Board account – UNDECIDED is not an option. (Deadline – November 4 2022).

Part 2 – Total Registration

  • Students registering for exams need to register through Total Registration https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/446690 (this is separate from College Board). This is the system Klein High School will be using in order for you to be able to pay for the exam.  
    • To complete registration, students must answer all of the required questions. 
    • All payments are made through Total Registration, if additional payment options are needed please contact the AP coordinator listed below.  
    • The exam fees, payment deadlines and refund policies are listed on the back of this letter. 
    • When submitting payments, if not paying the full amount, each additional transaction will incur a $2.75 transaction fee.  

We are excited that you have enrolled in an AP class at Klein High School and we look forward to working with you through the registration and testing process.  We are here to support you.  

Please contact Mrs. Kirk, dkirk@kleinisd.net in office 127 if you have any questions.   

KISD AP 2022-2023 Exam Fees and Refund Policies

Registration Deadlines and Payment Options (per test): 
Course LengthRegistration DeadlinePayment Options
Full Year Course (August – May)November 4, 2022 $40 deposit per test November 4, 2022 (non-refundable) $57 balance per test February 28, 2023
$97 Total payment per test November 4, 2022(includes $40 non-refundable deposit)
First Semester Course (August – December) November 4, 2022$40 deposit per test November 4, 2022 (non-refundable) $57 balance per test  February 28, 2023
$97 Total payment per test November4, 2022(includes $40 non-refundable deposit)
Second Semester Course (January – May) February 28, 2023$97 Total payment per test February 28, 2023(includes $40 non-refundable deposit)

*  Capstone Seminar and Capstone Research total exam fee $145 (same registration and payment dates apply). 

  • $40 non-refundable late fee for all test registration and payments received after the date listed above 
  • $40 cancelation fee for all tests after the date listed above
  • Discounted fees available for students in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program

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