Dear Klein High School Class of 2020 Graduate,

Great news! We are ready to distribute some important senior items to you!

When: Tuesday, June 16 from 4 to 7PM and Wednesday, June 17 from 9AM to 12PM

Where: Klein High School, Circle drive at the front entrance of the building (off Stuebner Airline Road)

What you will receive:

  • Your diploma & diploma cover
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript (see below for official transcript information)
  • AP and Dual Credit Cords Only (contact club/organization sponsor for all other cords)

Who can pick up these items: 

KHS Class of 2020 Seniors who have fulfilled all graduation requirements OR parent/guardian with proof of identification.

What you need to return:

If you have not yet returned your laptop or any textbooks, please do so at this time.  You will also be able to pay any outstanding technology fines.

Official transcript information

To request your official transcript free of charge from your campus, please click HEREOfficial transcripts can only be mailed to colleges and the military directly from the high school. These institutions will not accept the copy of your unofficial transcript.

Congratulations to our high school graduates who continue to persevere despite the challenges this unprecedented situation has caused during your senior year.

Thank you,

Klein High School Administration and Registrars

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