To Our Class of 2020 Seniors –

Here we are…on the final stretch of your history-making time at Klein Cain HS. And what an adventure it has been! You started your life as a Hurricane with Hurricane Harvey derailing the start to our inaugural year, 4 days in to our existence. You helped us transform an entire wing of our brand new building into a thriving Lemm Elementary for our first year. You stepped up to be mentors for those Lemm Lions; you had no idea what was expected of you as a Hurricane, but you knew exactly what to do to emerge as leaders, role models and examples of our CAT 5 Core Values. You’ve weathered real-life storms throughout your path to graduation and here we are again. We are in uncharted waters as we navigate through this pandemic.

As you sit at home and think about the time you are missing with your friends, classmates, teammates, teachers, coaches, counselors and administrators, please make sure you take some time to reflect! Reflect upon what you have done for our entire Hurricane family.

Your perseverance, dedication, passion and leadership united a student body that came from 6 different campuses. You set the tone for what it meant to be a Hurricane. You have started traditions. You have used your voice to make our vision come to life. You have been role models for so many people on campus. You have represented our school with the utmost integrity and pride. You have supported one another like no other class I have ever seen. You ARE Klein Cain High School and Klein Cain High School IS you!

Playoffs, Academic Accomplishments, Senior Nights, Concerts, Prom, Senior Awards, Senior Picnic, Senior Clap Out, Graduation. I have dreamed about what these events would look like for us at Cain for almost 4 years now. These are things that mean so much to you and I promise you that I (and everyone else all over the district, city, state and country) will do everything in our power to give you the opportunity to experience these once in a lifetime events. If there is any group of young men and women who deserve to experience all this, and more, it is undoubtedly the 630 of you. I know that the next few months are uncertain, as we face this unprecedented situation. But, the past 2 1/2 years have made me absolutely certain of one important thing…I have never been more proud of a group people than I am of our Hurricane Class of 2020. And if there is a group of people whose collective efforts and strength could overpower that of a world-wide pandemic, it is the first-ever Senior Class of Klein Cain HS.

Keep your heads held high, stay positive and use this unexpected time off to strengthen the bonds with your friends and families before you graduate and head off on your next adventure. Use this time to do something special for those in your life who have proven to be instrumental in getting you where you are today. Give back to the community and family that has invested in you since Kindergarten.

Know that, although these next few weeks may be ones you just want to forget, WE will never forget YOU! We have seen your hard work, we have heard your voices and we love you more than you will ever know. This year may not have turned out to be all that you imagined it would be…but this school year is still your school year…and is NOT OVER! You are still the Class of 2020 and I will never be able to thank you enough for the impact you have made on our campus, our faculty & staff, our Klein Cain family, my life, my career and my heart!

Thanks for making Klein Cain more than just a beautiful building…you’ve made it a beautiful HOME for our Hurricane family. Most importantly, thank you for making me the “Proud Principal” of Klein Cain High School!

Stay strong, stay united, stay engaged and stay healthy! We will hopefully be together again soon in Hurricane Alley, getting back to business as usual. And if this hope indeed comes to fruition, we will need you to come back and finish up this year and your time at Klein Cain just the way you started this adventure in 2017…united, determined, energetic, excited and proud to be a Hurricane !

Reign Cain,

Nicole Patin – Proud Klein Cain HS Principal

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