Kleb Updates: Week of May 15, 2023

Student ID Badges REQUIRED

All Kleb students must have a school-issued ID badge at school and wear it around their necks at all times. Students must have ID badges in order to buy breakfast/lunch in the cafeteria. Many students have been getting temporary ID stickers during the day, which not only charges $1 to their SchoolCash each time, but also does not count when it comes to participation in end-of-year celebrations. Please encourage your student to have their ID badge when they come to school. Also, please check your student’s SchoolCash account to pay their fees.

Bearcubs of the Week

Bearcubs of the Week
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Addison Smith (6), Jeremiah Henderson (6), Violet Lopez (7), Ryder Morgan (7), Tatiana Cuero (8), Masood Adnan (8)

Addison is innovative, creative and hard working. She is always polite and optimistic. She is a good citizen, a forever learner, and is helpful to all around her. She is often seen doing the right thing but does it even when others aren’t watching. She is a true Bearcub! Jeremiah is a goal oriented problem solver, innovative, optimistic, and respectful. Jeremiah is the ideal Bear cub and is always looking to help others. Violet truly embraces every Learner Profile, and is working hard in the classroom, in the Gym, on the track and in many extracurricular activities to become the best version of herself and become a wonderful member of society! She is the perfect picture of a Forever Learner, and does not back down from a challenge. She is kind, thoughtful, and caring to her peers and staff. She is a true representation of a model student and a Bearcub! Ryder is a critical thinker, has a healthy sense of self and embraces challenges with each new activity. He pursues excellence in all he does, He considers the needs of others as he is always willing to help anyone who looks to him for assistance. He collaborates successfully and displays his eagerness to complete each activity with excellence. He is ready for anything that comes his way. He is a true Bearcub! Tatiana pursues excellence in all she does. Her assignments are always done in a timely manner and with creativity as well as excellence. She is always cheerful, displays kindness, thoughtfulness, perseverance and consistent good manners. She is a joy to have in class. Her positivity is infectious and she displays every Bearcub quality. Masood is a self-disciplined student who comes to class always prepared and willing to learn. Constantly advocates for himself and participates in all classroom discussions and lectures. Masood is an excellent student and very attentive in class. He used to only work alone but now works in groups, showing great leadership. He has shown tremendous growth and will experience great things in his future. He is a Values-Driven Leader!

Field Day Dates Changed

The 6th grade Field Day will now be held on Wednesday, May 24 and the 7th/8th grade Field Day will now be held on Thursday, May 25. Students must have ID badges to participate. Additionally, students must have upheld the student code of conduct and CUB Matrix expectations in order to participate.

Kleb Library Books Due May 15th

All Kleb Library books are due Monday, May 15th. All books that are not returned by the due date will be added to School Cash Online as a fee. Please email Mrs. Segura at LSegura1@kleinisd.net if you have any questions.

This Week at Kleb

Monday, May 15- Final Exams
Swim Practice (7 am)
Tennis Practice (4:30 pm)
Pop Show Rehearsal (4:30 pm)

Tuesday, May 16- Final Exams
Swim Practice (7 am)
District Tennis Match (girls) (3:45 pm)
Choir Pop Show (6 pm)
Spring Orchestra Concert @ KHS (6:30 pm)

Wednesday, May 17- Final Exams
Swim Meeting (8 am)
District Tennis Match (boys) (3:45 pm)

Thursday, May 18- Final Exams
Cubs for Christ (8 am)
Kleb Art Open House (4:30 pm)
Kleb Poetry Slam (6:30 pm)
District Swim Meet (5 pm)

Friday, May 19- Final Exams
Choir Picnic

Saturday, May 20
Band trip to Hurricane Harbor

Kleb Contacts

Kleb Contacts

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