Kleb Updates: Week of May 8, 2023

Kleb Library: All books due May 15

All Kleb Library books are due Monday, May 15th. All books that are not returned by the due date will be added to School Cash Online as a fee. Please email Mrs. Segura at LSegura1@kleinisd.net if you have any questions.

Bearcubs of the Week

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Ashlyn Crowe (6), Cash Ermigarat  (6), Julia Schatz (7), Jace Ho (7), Ayesha Naveed (8), Ty Stansifer (8)

Ashlyn is a Forever Learner who is full of joy, dependable, and inquisitive. She is a great friend to her peers, always a model for positive behavior, and stretches herself in the classroom. She is an outstanding Bearcub. Cash is Values-Driven Leader because he builds positive and productive relationships in class by helping others. He possesses qualities that make up what it truly means to be a Bearcub. Julia is a values-driven leader who remembers details and leads by example. She works hard, meets deadlines, and helps others. Her demeanor and drive is what being a Bearcub is all about. Jace always has a “Can-Do” attitude. He doesn’t hesitate to lend a hand to his classmates when they ask, and he does so with kindness and patience, while continuing to do quality work on all his assignments. Jace goes above and beyond in his attitude and actions. He has high expectations for himself. Jace acts with integrity, no matter what is going on around him. He is a great listener and is always thinking of how to find the best solution, instead of complaining about problems. He is a forever learner in every way. He will go far and have great success in all of his endeavors. What a Bearcub! Ayesha is new here this year, and has a forever learner heart and mindset. She fails forward and is always trying her best to succeed. When she feels her best is not good enough, she asks what it is that she can do better. Owning a healthy sense of self, she perseveres in whatever she sets her heart to do. By possessing a healthy sense of self, she bounces back with a magnificent resilience and determination to do better than the day before. I have enjoyed every minute of working with this Bearcub! Her work ethic and determination is like none that I have ever seen, and it drives her forward even in the face of adversity. She is such a wonderful young lady, what a privilege it has been to have her in my class. Ty is a Forever Learner who takes care of his classmates and respects the adults in the building. relentlessly pursues excellence by being self-reflective and self-disciplined. He is an equipped scholar and is eager to learn more. He is unwaveringly committed to serving the greater good by collaborating and communicating skillfully. Ty is a kindhearted, humble and empathetic young man. He is a great role model for our underclassmen and the perfect example of a Bearcub!

3rd Party Deliveries

Students are NOT allowed to order, or have any 3rd party delivery, to the school during lunchtime. Parents are only allowed to bring lunch to their student- excluding lunch for their friends. This is for the safety and the health of all of our Bearcub students.

Student ID Badges

Please ensure that your student has their school-issued ID badge and wears it around their neck every day at school. ID badges are required at all times, to get food at breakfast/lunch, to check out books in the library, to participate in school activities and after-school activities. Once a new ID badge/sleeve/lanyard has been requested by a student on Schoology, parents must go onto SchoolCash and pay the fees BEFORE those items can be disbursed to students. All fees must be paid in order to participate in end of year celebration activities.

End of Year Celebrations

The end of the year is approaching and we will have celebrations and events for students. The criteria for all students to meet in order to participate in the celebrations and events was communicated to parents in April.

Save the Date!

Student Awards Ceremony: May 22, 2023 (6th) 9:30 a.m., (7th) 2:30 p.m., (8th) 6:30 p.m.
Field Day: (6th) May 23, 2023 & (7th/8th) May 24, 2023
8th Grade Celebration on Campus: May 26, 2023

This Week at Kleb

Monday, May 8- STAAR Math Make-up
Swim Practice (7 am)
Strength and Conditioning Club (4:30 pm)
Tennis Practice (4:30 pm)

Tuesday, May 9- Math MAP Testing
Swim Practice (7 am)
Tennis Practice (4:30 pm)
National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony (5:30 pm)

Wednesday, May 10- Reading MAP Testing
Swim Meeting (8 am)
Strength and Conditioning Club (4:30 pm)
Tennis Practice (4:30 pm)

Thursday, May 11- Science MAP Testing; Progress Reports distributed in Skyward
Pop Show Solo Tech Rehearsal (4:30 pm)
Tennis Match @ Klein Collins HS (5 pm)

Friday, May 12- MAP make-up
Student Art Exhibit begins in Library
Zone Swim Meet (5:30 pm)

Kleb Contacts

Kleb Contacts

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