Kleb Updates: Week of May 1, 2023

STAAR Test this week!

Our campus will be closed to visitors for STAAR Testing May 3 and May 4. Please make arrangements for your student to be in attendance and avoid early checkouts or late check-ins for appointments on these days. Additionally, students will leave their Chromebooks and chargers in their testing classrooms the night before each test. Please help us make sure all of our Bearcubs do their best!

3rd Party Deliveries

Students are NOT allowed to order, or have any 3rd party delivery, to the school during lunchtime. Parents are only allowed to bring lunch to their student- excluding lunch for their friends. This is for the safety and the health of all of our Bearcub students.

Kleb Library: All books due May 15

All Kleb Library books are due Monday, May 15th. All books that are not returned by the due date will be added to School Cash Online as a fee. Please email Mrs. Segura at LSegura1@kleinisd.net if you have any questions.

Lone Star College Presentation

On May 1, Lone Star College will present during Den in both English and Spanish: How to be involved in extracurricular activities (clubs, organizations).

Student ID Badges

Please ensure that your student has their school-issued ID badge and wears it around their neck every day at school. ID badges are required at all times, to get food at breakfast/lunch, to check out books in the library, to participate in school activities and after-school activities. Once a new ID badge/sleeve/lanyard has been requested by a student on Schoology, parents must go onto SchoolCash and pay the fees BEFORE those items can be disbursed to students. All fees must be paid in order to participate in end of year celebration activities.

End of Year Celebrations

The end of the year is approaching and we will have celebrations and events for students. The criteria for all students to meet in order to participate in the celebrations and events was communicated to parents earlier this month.

Save the Date!

Student Awards Ceremony: May 22, 2023 (6th) 9:30 a.m., (7th) 2:30 p.m., (8th) 6:30 p.m.
Field Day: (6th) May 23, 2023 & (7th/8th) May 24, 2023
8th Grade Celebration on Campus: May 26, 2023

This Week at Kleb

Monday, May 1- 8th grade STAAR Social Studies makeup
Swim Practice (7 am)
Strength and Conditioning Club (4:30 pm)
Tennis Practice (4:30 pm)

Tuesday, May 2
Swim Practice (7 am)
Tennis Practice (4:30 pm)

Wednesday, May 3- STAAR Math/Algebra

Thursday, May 4- 8th grade STAAR Science/Biology

Friday, May 5- 8th grade STAAR Science/Biology makeup
Tennis Match (@ Klein Oak HS) (5 pm)
Swim Meet @ Klein Cain HS (5:30 pm)

Saturday, May 6
Saturday School- INVITATION ONLY (8 am)

Kleb Contacts

Kleb Contacts

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