Kleb Updates: Week of March 27, 2023

Students on campus after school

Reminder- When students who are car riders, bikers or walkers are dismissed at the end of the day, they are to immediately leave campus or wait in designated areas for their rides. No students should be loitering in any area of campus after school. Students who ride the bus should remain in their classrooms until their bus is called. At that time, they should go directly to their bus. As these are safety issues, students who do not follow these procedures are subject to consequences per the Student Code of Conduct (including being removed from the bus.)

Kleb Library- March Madness

March Madness is happening in the Kleb Library! Check out the Kleb Library Schoology Course to see what books won our Sweet 16 and which are moving on to the Elite 8 and Final 4 this week!

Early Learning Center at Prairie Oak

Early Learning Center at Prairie Oak- Klein ISD will be offering licensed child care to ALL employees and Klein ISD zoned community members. Please print and share this flyer with ALL of your campus families.

Student Council hosting School Dance

The Kleb Student Council will be hosting a School Dance on May 5th from 7-9 pm. All students that want to attend must purchase a ticket, must be in dress code, must have paid all of their current fees on SchoolCash and must uphold all behavior expectations in the weeks leading up to the dance. This dance is completely separate from the 8th grade dance that is being put on by parents. For any questions, please email Ms. Scoggins.

School Dance

Bearcubs of the Week

Bearcubs of the Week
(left to right) Za’Nyia Brown (6- not pictured), Stefan Munteanu (6), Bella Nguyen (7), Steven Delgado-Bonilla (7), Khloe West (8), Neiman Papeti (8)

Za’Niya is extremely helpful with other students and shows a caring attitude. It is always a pleasure to watch how kind she is towards others. Stefan embraces challenges in the classroom by meeting them head on and excelling in his work. Bella works above and beyond expectation; she does excellent work and takes pride in all she does. She comes ready to learn every day, despite the distractions; She is a critical thinker and always challenges herself to do better and better. She has a delightful personality and displays humility, perseverance and resilience at all times. Steven is a self-starter, self-motivator and self-driven to do his best on all his assignments; he is a critical thinker and goes above and beyond with all the assignments he completes; He has a healthy sense of self and advocates for himself while always completing his work in a timely manner with excellence. Khloe is a forever learner. She is embracing the challenge of our One Act Play and working hard both in and outside of school. She possesses a healthy sense of self. She can always be counted on to exhibit curiosity, humility, perseverance and resilience. Neiman is a Pathway explorer who is self-disciplined and focused. He works hard and follows directions the first time. His demeanor is calm and he helps those around him.

H.E.R.O.E.S. Academy Graduation

Save the date- H.E.R.O. E. S. Academy Graduation 2023! Location: Klein High, Date: April 20th, Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm, Our HEREOS are Ethan Henderson, Brea McCann, Austin Jackson, Arlie Wright, Jacob Awad, Tristan Daigle, Ashton Brooks, Juan Diaz, Ayden Buckley, Paisley Chapman, and Miller Anderson.

Student ID Badge Fees

It is imperative that students wear their school-issued ID badges around their necks all day while they are on campus and at school-sponsored events. Please check your student’s SchoolCashOnline account and pay for any fees that may have accrued. They will not be issued new badges until fees have been paid.

Course Selections Deadline

We would like to remind Kleb families that the last day to adjust course selections for next year is April 5, 2023. Please make sure to contact your grade level counselor if you would like to make any adjustments.

Early Dismissal at Kleb

The cutoff time is 3:30 PM for early dismissal. Requests for early dismissals can be submitted via Skyward, a parent note dropped off at the front office in the morning, a phone call to 832-249-5495, or email afletcher2@kleinisd.net. We will give your student a pass to leave class 5 minutes before you plan to pick him/her up and they will be waiting in the Front Office when you arrive.

Kleb School Store- Open on Thursdays!

Kleb School Store

This Week at Kleb

Monday, March 27- Lose/Gain Eligibility
Track Practice (6:30 am)
Strength and Conditioning (4:30 pm)

Tuesday, March 28
Track Practice (6:30 am)
Klein Invitational Choir Concert (6th grade) (5 pm)
Klein ISD Staff Banquet (6 pm)

Wednesday, March 29
Track Practice (6:30 am)
Strength and Conditioning Club (4:30 pm)
Zone Track Meet- Girls Field/Boys Running (5 pm)

Thursday, March 30- Q3 Honor Roll Celebration (Den)
Track Practice (6:30 am)
Concert-A Band UIL Contest (1st-4th periods @ Willis HS)
Zone Track Meet- Girls Running/Boys Field (5 pm)
Pre-UIL Band Concert @ KHS (5:30 pm)
Region Choir Workshop @ Doerre

Friday, March 31
Track Practice (6:30 am)

Saturday, April 1
Saturday School
Jr. VASE @ Davis HS (7 am)

Kleb Contacts

Kleb Contacts

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