Kleb Updates: Week of January 16, 2023

Kleb Open House/Family Night & Course Selection

Kleb Open House/Family Night

Klein Cain HS Cheer Information

Klein Cain HS Cheer Info

Kleb Library Challenge: January

A new year brings new opportunity and this month we’ve got the challenge of giving and getting some great new book recommendations! See the Kleb Library Website for more details. Information can also be found in the Library Schoology Course.

Return your library books!

Please speak to your students about returning overdue library books! There’s a book drop in the library, as well as one upstairs, they can utilize to return books. If a book is lost and you’d like to pay for it, please email Mrs. Segura at LSegura1@kleinisd.net to get the fee added to your student’s School Cash account.

Scoliosis Screenings

Parents of 7th grade female students and 8th grade male students, please check your student’s backpack for a letter regarding our Scoliosis Screenings occurring on January 26-28th in gym class. For further information or questions, please contact our School Nurse Brittany Scannell at 832-249-5516 or bscannell1@kleinisd.net.

Course Selection Timelines

On Tuesday, 01/17, 8th graders will turn in their completed/ signed 9th grade course selection sheets and enter their selections in a Google Form during Den (Microsoft Teams). Also, from 9-10am in the cafeteria, Accelerated College Pathways will visit with 8th grade Algebra and Geometry students.
On Wednesday, 01/18, 7th grade course selection presentation during science classes. Also, 8th graders will have a Den lesson on how to create a 4-year plan for high school (Microsoft Teams).
On Thursday, 01/19, interested 8th graders will participate in a presentation on the Sports Medicine Pathway. There will also be an informational session on the IB Program from 6-8 pm at Klein Oak HS.
On Friday, 01/20, 6th grader course selection presentation during science classes.
On Saturday, 01/21, The Power of Choice event will take place from 9 am-12pm at KMPC to help students/parents understand the Pathways available to K-12 students.

Bearcubs of the Week

Bearcubs of the Week
(left to right) Jun Wood (6), Phoenix Blunt (6), Emmaline Kuechler (7), 
Phoenix Simmons (7), Amanda Gonzalez (8), Nathan Alexander Garcia (8)

Jun is a forever learner because she has worked hard on changing her mindset for putting forth more effort in class to achieve success. She is a great teammate during our critical thinking stations, helping her teammates push themselves to think outside the box. Jun has embraced the challenging concepts with a positive, “I can do this” attitude. I am happy to see the positive changes Jun is showing in her ELA class. Great job, Jun! Phoenix B. is a goal-oriented problem solver who is always positive.  She is a hard worker and exemplifies the characteristics of an outstanding Bearcub. Emmaline demonstrates positive Bearcub traits by helping out the new students.  She is patient, driven, and respectful above all else. Phoenix S. is always on task in class and actively participates in class discussions. He consistently uses background knowledge to infer and analyze information in class. Overall, Phoenix is helpful in class and demonstrates the several traits from the cub matrix. Amanda is an amazing hard-working student who does not let the fact that she faces challenges hold her back. She always gives her best effort and is not afraid to ask questions and does what she needs to fully communicate with her teacher and her peers. She is also a leader among the other  students in our class and will help her fellow native learners.. We have had two new students join our class in the last month or so and she has taken it upon herself to help them navigate their technology and get the hang of general school-related things as well as helping explain math concepts and assignments to them when they struggle to understand. Amanda is the true definition of what it means to be a Bearcub! Nathan is a values-driven leader who models cub behavior and not only follows the expectations but is a peer role model.

Kleb PTO

8th GRADE DANCE: An independent group of parents will be organizing an off-campus 8th grade dance.  The event is scheduled for May 20th at the Klein Multipurpose Center.  Michelle Hall is the chair of the event this year.  If you are interested in joining the committee or helping out on the day of the event, please contact Michelle Hall via email: mlhall80@yahoo.com.  Additional information and announcements will be available on the Kleb PTO Facebook page:

TIME TO BUY YOUR YEARBOOKS and 8th GRADE ADS: Yearbooks are on sale NOW through www.balfour.com. 8th grade ads are also on sale through the same website.  Deadlines to purchase 8th grade ads is February 17, 2023, and deadline to submit the ad design is February 24, 2023.  The deadline to purchase a yearbook is March 31, 2023.  The yearbook costs $35.  8th grade ads range in price from $25 to $75.  Please direct any questions to Theresa Berend via email: tberend@berendlaw.com

8th grade yearbook ads

This Week at Kleb

Monday, January 16

Tuesday, January 17
TMEA Choir Rehearsal (4:30 pm)
Kleb Open House/Family Night (5:30 pm)

Wednesday, January 18
7th grade Boys Basketball @ Krimmel (5:30 pm)
8th grade Boys Basketball Home vs. Krimmel (5:30 pm)

Thursday, January 19
Cubs for Christ (8 am)
Texas A&M Chemistry Road Show (9:30-11:00 am)
Choir Social Event
7th grade Girls Basketball @ Krimmel (5:30 pm)
8th grade Girls Basketball Home vs. Krimmel (5:30 pm)

Friday, January 20

Kleb Contacts

Kleb Contacts

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