Kleb Updates: Week of January 9, 2023

Parent Night at Klein Cain HS

Current Kleb 8th graders who are zoned to Klein Cain HS are invited to Klein Cain’s Parent Night on January 12, 2023 from 6:30-8:00 pm.

Kleb Open House/Family Night & Course Selection

Kleb Open House/Family Night

Klein Cain HS Cheer Information

Klein Cain Cheer

Bearcubs of the Week

Bearcubs of the Week
Giana Angely (6), Nolan Gibson (6), Kindall Thompson (7), 
Jon Barrera (7), Erica Mott (8), John Morales Gonzales  (not pictured- 8)

Giana is optimistic and hopeful!  She is one of our top students with academic excellence and has a humble attitude towards life.  She is a role model to her peers and a stellar student in the classroom. She puts the B in Bearcub. Nolan is resilient.  When faced with any obstacle, he rises above the challenge and puts his best foot forward.  He understands what it means to know the expectations and excels at fulfilling them.  He is an exceptional Bearcub.  Kindall is a values-driven leader, always striving to give her best in the classroom everyday! Her smile lights up the room and her attitude promotes positivity to those around her.  She is amongst the top students in the school and takes care of her academic responsibilities with fidelity.  Kindall is a Kleb Bearcub model.  Jon is goal oriented and has an optimistic mindset each day. He is a very hard worker and is a focused student. He is the model student for his teachers and a great citizen at Kleb.  He is a Bearcub. Erica is a forever learner.  When she first started this year, she realized that she would have to work a bit harder than what she expected.  She realized the value in failing forward and used that to motivate herself to push a bit harder. That is a characteristic truly admired in a Bearcub of the week.  She comes in every day with a smile on her face, ready to put her best foot forward.  She is always ready to step up for another task or simply to help someone out.  She is such a kind hearted individual, and it is a blessing to have her in class. John has gone above and beyond to help his fellow classmates. He helps other students by collaborating and communicating skillfully with his peers. He is a great citizen inside and outside of the classroom.  He is impactful at Kleb as a great citizen.  He is a Bearcub.

Kleb Library Challenge: January

A new year brings new opportunity and this month we’ve got the challenge of giving and getting some great new book recommendations! See the Kleb Library Website for more details. Information can also be found in the Library Schoology Course.

Return your library books!

Please speak to your students about returning overdue library books! There’s a book drop in the library, as well as one upstairs, they can utilize to return books. If a book is lost and you’d like to pay for it, please email Mrs. Segura at LSegura1@kleinisd.net to get the fee added to your student’s School Cash account.

Rising 9th grade students

Rising 9th graders

Free GED and ESL classes for adults

Free GED classes
Free ESL classes

This Week at Kleb

Monday, January 9

Tuesday, January 10- Math MAP Testing
TMEA Choir Rehearsal (4:30 pm)

Wednesday, January 11- Reading MAP Testing
7th grade Boys Basketball Home vs. Wunderlich (5:30 pm)
8th grade Boys Basketball @ Wunderlich (5:30 pm)

Thursday, January 12- Science MAP Testing
7th grade Girls Basketball Home vs. Wunderlich (5:30 pm)
8th grade Girls Basketball @ Wunderlich (5:30 pm)
Men’s Choir Concert @ Champion Forest Baptist Church

Friday, January 13- Makeup MAP Testing
8th grade Visits to KHS, Klein Cain (10-11:30 am)
Klein Cluster Orchestra Concert @ KHS (5:00 pm)

Kleb Contacts

Kleb Contacts

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