8th Grade Math STAAR Simulation Reminders for March 10th:

As a reminder our campus will be giving the 8th grade Math STAAR simulation tomorrow morning on campus. This will be for all 8th grade students with the exception of Algebra. KOL Algebra students please access your regularly scheduled curriculum through Schoology at home, you will not need to report to campus tomorrow.

8th grade students, please remember to check the All student schoology course for your room number and charge your Chromeboooks this evening. Thank you!

Remote Learning Day Reminder for March 12th:

Our teachers are committed to providing quality instruction for our students and are working harder than ever to teach students both in-person and virtually. To assist in this work, one area in need of immediate attention is additional planning and preparation time for our classroom teachers.   

Klein ISD has selected the following teacher planning days, which will be a Klein Online remote learning day from home for all students to address the need for additional planning time for our teachers.  

Teacher planning days are as follows: 

  • Friday, March 12, 2021
  • Friday, April 16, 2021

Klein Online students will remain online and access assignments as usual. Klein On Campus students are encouraged to access assignments at home on these days, but can come to campus if needed. Students who need to come to campus will work online independently and will be monitored by paraprofessionals and additional staff in large instructional areas such as the cafeteria and gym while following all safety guidelines. Buses and food will be served as normal. 

Please note, for all students, content teachers WILL NOT be available for instruction as they will be in planning meetings with support staff throughout the building. Teachers will be available for only a short period of time for office hours to answer student questions. We will be in contact with you prior to that day to communicate the times of our office hours. 

Please begin to make arrangements for these days in advance. If planning to come to campus on March 12th, please complete THIS RSVP FORM by February 10th.  No late submissions will be accepted so that we can arrange coverage and supervision for students on campus on March 12th. Thank you for your continued support of our campus and school district. Please let our staff know if you have any questions.


The Kleb Administrators 

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