After reviewing parent feedback carefully, we have made some important adjustments to our campus arrival and dismissal procedures. Please take a moment to review the changes and discuss them with your student(s). These changes will be implemented on Monday, January 30th.

AM Arrivals:
-Students are not permitted to enter the school building until 8:45 am, unless they are attending tutorials. Students attending tutorials must enter through the front, main entrance.
-Students who are dropped off prior to 8:45 am who are not attending tutorials may wait in the south side courtyard, but will not be supervised by Hofius staff until 8:40 am.
-All students are permitted to eat breakfast beginning at 8:45 am.
-If your student is not eating breakfast, they must proceed to their 1st period class upon entry to the building. Students are not permitted to congregate in the hallways between 8:45 am and 9:00 am.

PM Dismissals:
-Students who are picked up by car will be able to use the entirety of the front walkway as is pictured in the map below. Parents are encouraged to pick up their student at any point along the sidewalk, and then use the second lane to exit the parking lot.
-Parents must wait in the car rider line, and not park in the front staff parking lot.
-In the interest of student safety during the high traffic times, students will not be permitted to use the crosswalk, but must actively look for their ride in the car rider line.
-Parents are not permitted to exit their cars during dismissal.

Morning Carpool
Afternoon Carpool

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