Asynchronous Learning Days for ALL students:

After much feedback from teachers and staff across the district, our teachers are needing more adequate time to plan and prepare for high quality instruction that benefits both Klein Online and Klein On Campus learners.

This means, we will host 4 ASYNCHRONOUS learning days for ALL students across our district. 

Friday December 4, 2020

Thursday February 11, 2021

Friday March 12, 2021

Friday April 16, 2021

Teachers will create work to be done independently for all students remotely. 

Klein Online students will remain online and access assignments as usual.

Klein On Campus students are encouraged to access assignments at home this day, but can come to campus if needed. Buses and food will be served as normal.

Students who need to come to campus will be monitored by paraprofessionals and additional staff throughout the building.

Please begin to make arrangements for these days in advance. If planning to come to campus on March 12, please complete this form so campus administration may adequately prepare.

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