We’re so glad you’re here! Here’s the link to visit your child’s teachers! https://sites.google.com/kleinisd.net/french20-21openhouse/home We’re so glad to ‘see’ you!

Back-to-School Daily Editions found here Friday, 9/4 – https://www.smore.com/5uy8z Thursday, 9/3 – https://www.smore.com/pxeyc Wednesday, 9/2 – https://www.smore.com/kjsxn Tuesday, 9/1 – https://www.smore.com/p4mdf Monday, 8/31 – https://www.smore.com/2aztp

Grade-level daily learning schedules can be found HERE. (Note: there may be slight adjustments made by the teacher to enhance student learning, but any changes will be communicated with you in advance).